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  • Discover the secrets to white screen (infinite) background look
  • Blueprint to rank your videos number 1 in YouTube & Google
  • Tips to recording a professional voice over
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The Content Of The Course

iPhone Video Expert PRO

PRO - Getting Started
The fundamentals of video production, different iPhone specs, battery life, storage, the default camera app & your roadmap

  • Video #1 - Introduction to iPhone video - Learn about some fundamental video concepts, iPhone specifications for the different iPhone models, battery life and storage.
  • Video #2 - iPhone camera app - Discover how to use the iPhone default camera app, lock focus & adjust exposure separately and how to make time lapses.
  • Video #3 - Expert roadmap - Talking Heads videos explained, I set you a task for the course and go over the ingredients of your first video

PRO - Essential Techniques Part 1
The basis of great video; composition, recording clean audio, indoor and outdoor lighting.

  • Video #1 - Composing your shots - This video is all about composition. Learn about the rule of thirds, eye line, centre punch framing, common mistakes and more...
  • Video #2 - Recording clean audio - Learn how to record clean audio in any situation, different types of microphones and recording techniques.
  • Video #3 - Camera skills - Here I go over getting steady shots on your iPhone, common camera moves and the secrets to filming yourself.
  • Video #4 - Introduction to lighting - Learn about video lighting concepts; soft and hard light, white balance, colour temperature & essential video lighting kit.
  • Video #5 - Indoor lighting - In this video I talk you through simple lighting for indoor interviews, so you can shoot professional looking interviews every time!
  • Video #6 - Outdoor lighting - Shooting interviews and pieces to camera outdoors can be tricky, but this video will teach you how to get amazing results each time.

PRO - iPhone Accessories
Find out what essentail add-ons you'll need to turn your iPhone into a professional camera rig capable of stunning results.

  • Video #1 - Essential iPhone accessories - Here I share my top iPhone video accessories with you to really boost the production value of your footage.
  • Video #2 - External battery case - An external battery case will increase the battery life of your iPhone so you can keep on shooting. Learn which one to get and how to use it.
  • Video #3 - Waterproof iPhone case - Find out how you can protect your iPhone from the elements and even shoot underwater with this handy accessory.
  • Video #4 - Camera slider - Slider moves will boost your video's production value. And thanks to this handy tool, you can do them on your iPhone.

PRO - Editing tricks
In the bonus video I also share the tricks I used in creating my landing page video.

  • Video #1 - Title design - Learn how to design-by-numbers amazing text keyword titles ready to be included in your videos. No need for design skills here
  • Video #2 - Landing Page Video editing tricks I used to make my landing page video.

PRO - Essential Techniques 2
Learn how to choose a location, shoot b-roll, film a white screen setup, recording a voice over & data transfer

  • Video #1 - Choosing a location - Learn how to choose a great location for your videos and the common mistakes to avoid.
  • Video #2 - Supporting footage or b-roll - Find out what b-roll is, how to shoot it professionally, what b-roll to shoot and how to use it to keep your viewers captivated.
  • Video #3 - White screen setup - Discover how to get a pure white background while shooting on your iPhone, including the kit you'll need and how to set it up.
  • Video #4 - Recording a voice over - From delivery to getting a super smooth sound, Annelies talks you through recording a professional voice over for a high quality production.
  • Video #5 - Wireless transfer - Learn how to wirelessly transfer video and photos between devices.
  • Video #6 - Upload to YouTube - Learn how to upload to YouTube from your iPhone. I also go over basic YouTube optimisation

PRO - Filming Apps
Here you'll learn about 2 filming apps that take your iPhone camera to another level of professionalism.

  • Video #1 - Pro Filming App 1 - Turn your iPhone into a professional camera. Here you'll learn how to use it and set it up for best results.
  • Video #2 - Pro Filming App 2 - I show another great filming app with pro features. This video will take you through the controls and setup.

PRO - Planning your video
It's not just about filming. Here you will learn what language to use in your videos, how to structure them and essentail preparation tips.

  • Video #1 - Video structure - From beginning to end and everything in between, learn how to structure your videos so they are captivating and converting.
  • Video #2 - Video language - Discover the tricks and tips to turn your key points into video-friendly words that really speak to your viewers.
  • Video #3 - Pre-preparation - In this video I speak about all the steps you need to take before hitting record.
  • Video #4 - Music - In this video I'll be discussing what music can do for your videos. From choosing the right track, to where to find royalty free music.

PRO - Filming overview
Discover the secrets behind the filming of my example promotional video.

  • Video #1 - Filming overview. See behind the scenes on the example video shoot

PRO - iPhone editing
Watch over-my-shoulder as I create a video from scratch editing in iMovie.

  • Video #1 - Editing in iMovie Part 1 - I discuss structure, we import an interview clip and edit it together to get our key messages across in the most concise way possible.
  • Video #2 - Editing in iMovie Part 2 - I discuss structure, we import an interview clip and edit it together to get our key messages across in the most concise way possible.
  • Video #3 - Editing in iMovie Part 3 - In part 3 we continue to edit the video, adding some titles and colour grading presets. I talk about some of the B-roll shots and how I did them.
  • Video #4 - Editing in iMovie Part 4 - In part 4 we cover re-framing on a video, adding an end slide, the ken burns effect on still images and importing and adding music.
  • Video #5 - Editing in iMovie Part 5 - In part 5 we do the final touches including some colour grading presets and exporting.

PRO - Expert Marketing Strategy
Learn how to optimise your YouTube videos & about video marketing strategy!

  • Video #1 - Expert YouTube Optimisation - Discover the secrets to optimising your YouTube video. Learn about keyword research, competition
  • Video #2 - Expert Video Marketing Strategies - Here we will go through generating traffic, building leads & making sales with video.

What you'll learn

  • Step-by-step instructions how to make professional talking heads videos
  • You'll learn all about getting professional sounding audio in any situtation
  • Discover the secrets to professional lighting (indoors and outdoors) with cheap equipement
  • Learn about the essential accessories you can get to turn your iPhone into filming machine!
  • Learn how to choose a great location for your interviews to ooze professionalism
  • Find out how to structure your videos to be engaging
  • Top tips on using effective language to get your viewers to take action!
  • Watch behind the scenes on an iPhone film shoot and see how it's done
  • Discover how to edit a professional marketing video on your iPhone!
  • How to record a pro voice over
  • A secret way to design amazing title slides with no designs needed!
  • How to make a pure white background video studio
  • Learn how to shoot supporting footage that will look great and keep the interest of your viewer
  • How to rank videos number 1 in YouTube & Google for more traffic and exposure!
  • How to rank videos number 1 in YouTube & Google for more traffic and exposure!
  • Learn an entire video marketing strategy to get all the traffic, leads and sales you want!
  • And much much more!

The Full Value Of This Course...

  • Phone Video Expert PRO - $297


iPhone Video Expert PRO

I'm passionate about making videos to promote businesses. And I'm amazed at how cool the iPhone is for creating simple profit boosting videos. In this PRO course I'll learn the key elements needed to create engaging professional videos that are effective for marketing your business (and that you're be proud of). Good luck!

All the best,
iPhone Video Expert

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