Here's How To Make Professional Videos On Your iPhone In Minutes!

No Expensive Equipment. No Previous Experience & No Talent Required!

This Step-By-Step Course Will Show You...

  • 6 Pre-filming Essentials & Recording Clean Audio
  • Lighting - Discover The Secret To Getting The High Quality Look On A Budget
  • How To Edit Your Videos On Your Phone To Save Time & Money
  • Broadcast Your Brand To Millions From Your Phone!

Why You Need To Be Marketing With Video TODAY!

Hi it's Ben here, founder of Media Brighton a UK based video production & marketing agency for market leading brands and author of Expert YouTube Marketing Strategy.

If you run your own business, did you know you could easily get ahead of your competition by making regular online videos? You could use video to drive traffic to your site, convert more of your visitors into sales, allowing you to grow your business with very little overheads.


Now You're Probably Thinking...

"If Making Regular Videos Is So Great How Will I Ever Afford The High Prices Agencies Charge?"

What's stopping you from using video to market your business?

You probably think making videos is very costly, very time consuming and extremely complicated. Perhaps you've already tried the DIY approach but the results fell short of your expectations. And you may realise a bad quality video could actually damage your brand and reputation.

There's another way!

Well using your smart phone (currently iPhone & Android), a few inexpensive apps and bits of kit, the whole video production process becomes much easier, cheaper and quicker.

Before and after examples

I'd Like To Announce...

...Your Fast Track To Success With Phone Video Expert

Phone Video Expert is a video training series that will take you step-by-step through the process of recording a professional video using very minimal equipment.

I also show you how to edit your video on your smart phone so there's no need for a fancy editing computer. And now phones are getting larger and more powerful editing on them is easier than ever.

This easy-to-follow course is designed to get you up and running making simple videos that you can use to promote yourself, your business or your products. 

The Content Of The Course

  • Video #1 - Filming Basics - 6 essentials to ensure your video shoot goes smoothly
  • Video #2 - Clean Audio - The basics of recording clean audio and the essential kit you need
  • Video #3 - Location & Steady your camera - Make your set look more professional & basic kit to get pro steady shots
  • Video #4 - Lighting - Get a high quality look on a budget with no equipment needed
  • Video #5 - Front facing camera, composition, focus & exposure and performance
  • Video #6 - Choosing a theme, editing & graphics (iPhone)
  • Video #7 - Fade to black, colour grading & web address with sound fx (iPhone)
  • Video #8 - Adding sound & fading sound (iPhone)
  • Video #9 - Reporter style mic, mic technique, pro filming app, setting audio levels & simple optimisation (iPhone)
  • Video #10 - Choosing a theme, editing & graphics (Android)
  • Video #11 - Fade to black, colour grading & web address with sound fx (Android)
  • Video #12 - Adding sound & fading sound (Android)
  • Video #13 - Reporter style mic, mic technique, pro filming app, setting audio levels & simple optimisation (Android)

What you'll learn

  • Step-by-step instructions how to make professional looking & sounding videos on a budget
  • You'll see how I setup and record yourself easily to get great results
  • Learn how to frame yourself correctly so your shots look like they were on TV
  • A filming app that can turn your phone into a Pro Camera
  • The best editing app & phone video editing tricks & tips
  • Find out how to make your set look more professional
  • Learn how to broadcast your brand to millions from your phone!
  • Find out how to get your video found in YouTube for more exposure

Did You Know...

Agencies Charge At Least $2500 For One Simple Video?

OK, so if you did go to a video production agency like mine, at Media Brighton we would charge you around $750 a day.

One simple video could cost you over $2500 as a starting price.

And courses like Phone Video Expert normally cost around $97+. Fortunately I've no intension of charging you anything like that. Sign up for Phone Video Expert today and pay a one time fee of $97 $47 ONLY $7

With this course you'll be armed with the right information to make countless videos, which will help your business to grow organically well into the future.

How would you like to cover your investment a.s.a.p.?

What if you render video services to other clients? You can easily charge $300+ for a good quality video. Make just one sale, cover your investment (and some) and everything else is profit! This is exactly how I started my video production company Media Brighton (using a $600 DSLR) and built it up to a 6 figure business a few years later!

This training is perfect for you if...

  • You're a newbie who doesn't have any technical skills...then YES!
  • You're a seasoned marketer wanting to make videos regularly as part of your marketing mix...then YES!
  • You're a business owner and you want to teach your staff to make social media videos...then YES!
  • You're a business owner wanting to produce in house videos...then YES!
  • You want to start making money right now making videos for local businesses...then YES!
  • You're someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on expensive equipment...then YES!
  • You're someone who doesn't want to learn lots of complicated equipment...then YES!
  • You want to learn how to make pro videos using the equipment you already own & know...then YES!
  • You're a solopreneur wanting to make videos regularly to promote your business...then YES!
  • You really want to grow your business through video marketing...then YES!
  • You want to start you're own YouTube channel...then YES!
  • You want to build yourself as an authority in your marketplace...then YES!
  • You want to become a video blogger...then YES!
  • You want to make an online training course, sell it worldwide and make lots of money...then YES!
  • You're in a band and want to use video as a way of promotion...then YES!
  • You want to create videos for your website to help increase conversion rates...then YES!

If you are any of the above then Phone Video Expert is perfect for you!

Check Out These Fast Action Expert Bonuses!

Expert Bonus #1

Expert Positioning With Video

Build yourself as an authority and charge more for your products and services

  • Discover the secret to attracting the clients you want
  • How to use YouTube to generate leads to your business
  • A simple way to convert views into leads
  • How to promote your videos for more exposure
  • How to make people watch your videos to the end and come back for more
  • I reveal the free tools to help rank your YouTube videos
  • And the simple strategy to build a following through YouTube

Yours totally free!

Expert Bonus #2

Present Like An Expert

How To Be Confident On Camera

  • Learn the secrets of presenting with confidence
  • The cloths that work & look good on camera
  • Find out what cloths cause issues so you can avoid them
  • How to plan & practice your videos content to perform the best you can
  • Discover a free app to help your performance

Yours totally free!

Expert Bonus #3

Expert Video Types

Find out 13 types of video you could create to promote your business

  • Find out what videos you can make to grow your business
  • Discover the basic structure for each video
  • Insider tips and tricks to make your videos more effective
  • Countless ideas for endless content you can make to build your brand

Yours totally free!

The Full Value Of This Course...

  • Phone Video Expert - $97
  • Expert Bonus 1 - Expert Positioning With Video - $47
  • Expert Bonus 2 - Present Like An Expert - $47
  • Expert Bonus 3 - Expert Video Types - $47

Yours for only $7

iPhone Video Expert & Bonuses

So if you want to get going making pro videos on Phone and receive bonuses like: Expert Positioning With Video, Expert Video Types & Present Like An Expert then take action NOW & click the 'Buy Now' button. Heres to your success!
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you inside the members area.

All the best,
Phone Video Expert

P.S. Remember you're covered by my 30 day Money Back Guarantee so you can buy with confidence today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I really use my iPhone to make good videos?
Answer: No! You can make amazing videos with it!

Question: Does this work for Android as well?
Answer: No, I've created this course around the iPhone. I'll have an Android version out soon.

Question: Do I need to get any external equipment for my iPhone?
Answer: Yes, although this course is designed to teach you how to get great results using minimal equipment, so I'm talking about an investment of under $30 to get you started.

Question: Do you cover how to structure videos and the strategy of video marketing?
Answer: Yes, this is taught in the PRO version of iPhone Video Expert which is available as an optional Upsell.

Question: Is it covered by a guarantee?
Answer: Yes, you are covered by a Day Money Back Guarantee which you can see at the bottom of this page.

Testimonials for Phone Video Expert & Ben Simon

Jonathan J. Staiano

I thought your course was brilliant, really good, really easy to follow, really nice style and very helpful, I love it. It is amazing what is possible on the iPhone. In fact, I found it's better to edit my videos on the iPhone than it was editing them on my PC on Movie Maker because I can do more. Especially detaching the audio and video to allow me to insert images while the audio was carrying on in the background. I am sure you have put in a lot of work in to the course and am sure it will be valuable to many people. I wish you every success. So thank you very much, it's been great using it. I totally recommend the course and I also recommend using the iPhone for videos!

Jonathan J. Staiano, Staiano Plastic Surgery
Dr Jessica Morrod

Ben has created an amazing online product called the 'Phone Video Expert'. It's how I learnt to create my videos and make them look more professional than I would have otherwise, using my iPhone - it's what I used to create my course (and there is loads in there I haven't yet used fully!). I honestly can't recommend it enough.

Dr Jessica Morrod, Business Creation Coach
Rob Cameron

I have used the course Phone Video Expert that I subscribed to and I found it very useful.

Rob Cameron, Ignition Coaching
Yennis Cheung

I have been fortunate to work with many world class video, TV, corporate and movie producers over the years, but I can honestly say Ben Simon, is amongst the very very best I have ever worked with on every single level. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Yennis Cheung , Actress (Skyfall, Somebody to Love & Shanghai)
Dan Levy & Joel Meadows

"We're more than impressed with Ben and the end results are stunning. Since working with Ben we've had a massive boost in our brand. We now dominate YouTube for our keywords and have over 498,000 views across all our videos. What can I say? Get in touch.”

Dan Levy & Joel Meadows , Directors (OverBoard)
Saffron Sprackling

Ben was so creative, full of ideas and positive to work with on Republica’s new video. He is very professional, easy to work with and great fun to be around. Within 24 hours of going up on YouTube our video had received over 5000 views! Fantastic! I would highly recommend Ben to anyone & we are looking forward to working with him again soon.

Saffron Sprackling, Lead Singer (Republica)
Peter Simmonds

We've been working with Ben Simon for about three years now and the work he has produced for us is just fantastic. We've got lots of good examples on our website and we use the videos for both staff communications and share holder communication as well.
It's a really good way of getting our message across to our stake holders.

Peter Simmonds , CEO (dotmailer)
Emma Baynes

We have been extremely pleased with the whole service we have received from Ben Simon & Media Brighton; from pre-production when they were always just a phone call away, to the outstanding skills on the day of shooting and of course the finished product which we are delighted with. The team are always really friendly and we can’t recommend them enough. The videos they have produced for us are outstanding and are being used as an example of excellence throughout the company. They represent the brand perfectly and expertly adhere to our rigorous brand guidelines - which can often be quite overwhelming to external companies! The content they have produced will be ideal for a range of applications – from web and social media to trade shows, customer meetings and internal training. We can’t thank Ben Simon & Media Brighton enough and will be certainly making them our partner of choice for any future video projects.

Emma Baynes, Carl Zeiss (Marketing & Communications Executive)
iPhone Video Expert & Bonuses

I personally guarantee you'll LOVE it!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s normal to feel skeptical when investing in a new course. So I’m offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, so you can invest with confidence. You’ve got 30 days to use the course and if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. Send me an email and I’ll refund you the money. No Questions Asked. Thanks for your decision to invest in Phone Video Expert!

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